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Business Photographer Nadine Wilmanns London and Metzingen

Why do I need business portraits of me and my team?


Why is it so important that you have business portraits that show you and your team on your website and social media?

Show yourself (People buy from People)

Business Portraits in London, Metzingen, and the world.

Part of a business photo story are images of you and your team. I do business portraits in London, Metzingen, or wherever your business is located. Do you wonder why you need business portraits at all?

Well, you probably have heard the saying “People buy from people”. And that`s exactly true: 

“People buy from people they trust and they trust people they like”, says the author of “The Real Truth About Success” Garrison Wynn.

Gain trust and sympathy

Building trust is key to business.  If we feel we can trust a business, we are much more likely to buy. If we have doubts, we most likely are going to look elsewhere.

We build trust by showing our faces and the faces of our team. Because that signals that someone personally cares. Someone actually stands behind the business, someone we are able to relate to. This creates an emotional connection, sympathy, and trust – exactly what is needed to be a successful business today.

Enjoy your business portraits in London

I understand that some people are photo-shy and don`t like the thought of a photo session. But honestly don`t worry! I will make it fun for you and will create a relaxed atmosphere so that our photo session will turn out as a nice experience for all of you.

Relax to look your best

For a photo session, I take plenty of time so that everyone can relax and feel at ease. Otherwise, you will most likely not like the images – I mean who likes to be reminded of feeling stressed? I truly care about the people I photograph, and my number one priority is to make everyone comfortable, seen, and valued. To me, it`s a huge honour to be asked to photograph someone and I want my clients to remember the session as a good time.

What people say about their business portrait session

Therefore, it means the most to me if someone writes or tells me that she or he enjoyed not only the final pictures but also the photo session itself. Here are some of the nicest things that people have told me or written after a photo session:

“Nadine made me feel at ease, knew all the techniques and locations needed for the best results, and made it feel nothing like work!” (Illustrator Ellie Smith)

“Nadine accompanied us at work and is so natural that you quickly lose your shyness in front of the camera.” (Caterer and cake artist Alex Pieper)

“Dear Nadine, thank you very much for the wonderful day with you. With your relaxed and very professional manner, you helped us to feel very comfortable in front of the camera!” (Beautician Verena Palermo)

Business Portraits in London, Metzingen, and the world

“I’ve rarely felt so comfortable at a photo shoot.” (Bar owner Michael Mylonas)

“Nadine was an absolute delight to speak with and after seeing the photos, I was amazed at how she was able to capture some great moments.” (Comedian Sam Patel)

„Wow, the best, best beautiful pictures ever! I`m speechless… Thank you so much for the pretty photos and the great time we had – it was such fun!” (Blogger Christine Eggert)

“The shooting was great fun. Nadine is very professional and with her calm and uncomplicated manner she creates a relaxed atmosphere.” (Pole Dance Teacher Stefanie Riehle)

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