Business Photostory of an author in Metzingen , portrait of Maria Nikolai

Business photo story of an author in Metzingen: Maria Nikolai has written several bestsellers and her photo story tells her audience more about her personality, and her writing.

Business Photo Story of an Author

From the series: Business Portraits in London, Metzingen, and the world.

Don`t judge a book by its cover they say. But we all know we have a strong tendency to do it anyway. And authors know best why the example of a book and its cover is used for this saying: The cover design is a huge part of whether your book sells or not. It`s very similar to photographs: how you present yourself on social media, your website and blog, and on the back of your book will influence your readers’ so important first impression. And her or his interest in your book.

Author photographs enable a human connection and evoke trust – forming the readers’ expectations before she or he opens the first page.

Maria Nikolai Buchautorin

Photos are the quickest communicators

And a photo story of you as an author is one of the most effective forms to market your books. Just like your wording, photo stories set a mood, create an atmosphere, and communicate feelings and emotions. They touch their viewer and draw them into the story. And they leave an impression in our memories.

However, photos are so much quicker communicators than words and even quicker than video. That`s why they are so important for marketing. They can catch peoples’ attention and this way they can make them read your marketing message. A photo story is a vital part of your branding – like the cover of your book and your style as a writer.

identify your style as an author

Ideally, a photo story tells your audience about the style and tone of your books – it should match your writing.

To make sure that your photo story reflects you as an author, think about what makes you the author you are: What do you want to express with your writing? What ideas are you writing about and why? Where do you get your inspiration from? What has shaped you as an author? What is the core of your work?

It would also be a good idea to write a list of words that describe you and your work. This can be a good guide in terms of what to wear to your photo session, location and of course the mood of the photos.

Feedback of Bestselling Author Maria Nikolai

In the images in this post, you can see a photo session with Penguin books bestselling author Maria Nikolai. Her feedback was so beautiful and generous that I just have to share it: “I have just looked at the photos and I am absolutely thrilled. These are so so beautiful images, so different from what I had before – truly exceptionally beautiful, I`m so excited! Thank you so much! They are a dream come true and I`m so happy- also the short video – it`s turned out really good!”

Play the video on the left to see a slideshow of the photostory and to listen to Marias’ feedback. 

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