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Feedback of Nicci Mayer, Founder of the Fashion Brand NCCRTS

feedback of Nicci Mayer founder of fashion brand NCCRTS


Feedback for Branding Photography

feedback of Nicci Mayer founder of fashion brand NCCRTS

Nicci Mayer / NCCRTS

Fashion Brand Founder and Shop owner Nicci Mayer shares his feedback about our photo session for NCCRTS.

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“Hey Nadine,

thanks again for your time and work, and of course for the amazing series of photos that you shot at our photo session in our fashion house.

It was a great and relaxed atmosphere that you created and you can feel this when looking at the images.

The style matches our branding and is very authentic.

Again many thanks! I can highly recommend it!

See you soon hopefully at another project!


Play the video on the left to see a slideshow of the photostory and to listen to Niccis’ feedback. 

Editorial Photography for a Christian Magazine

Editorial Photography for a Christian Magazine
Editorial Photography for a Christian Magazine

Photostory of a housing concept focussing on integration and a true sense of community.

Editorial Photography for a Christian Magazine

From the series: Photostories in London, Metzingen, and the world.

While having a browse in a bookstore the other day I saw the magazine AndersLEBEN. It contains my photos of the Christian housing concept Hoffnungsträger. The article was published in AndersLEBEN 04/23 by the SCM Bundesverlag.

This was such a special photo story. Catharina Conrad was there for the written story, and I photographed the visual story. The concept of the housing project is about a community of people with different cultural and social backgrounds. 


This means deliberately forming a housing community. Not just a neighborhood but a true community where people care about each other, are there for one another and help each other out. It`s also about mixing people of very different social and cultural backgrounds. Some families had to flee their countries for example. Others are socially not so well off, and some people don`t have these kinds of circumstances or troubles in their lives at all. This way it`s a truly mixed community where everyone can learn and practice mutual appreciation.

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Out and about as a Christian Photographer

Editorial photo stories like this one are so rewarding because with my photos I can help spread the word about important messages, outstanding ideas, and great causes. And being a Christian myself, having an assignment as an editorial photographer from a Christian Magazine is best. I remember that as a teenager I wrote a note in my bible saying something like “With my photographs, I want to help people see something of God”, or something along the lines. 

Later I crumpled the note because I was embarrassed as this wasn`t “cool” at all (and as a teenager you want to be very cool most of all… ). But it`s now such a precious memory to me and I think about it often. Especially when wondering how to move forward as a photographer. And lucky enough I don`t feel the need of having to be cool anymore so I can share this here (haha).

About Hoffnungsträger

About Anders LEBEN Magazine

Fotostory des Wohnprojekts Hoffnungshäuser, bei dem es um Integration und echtes Miteinander geht.

Editorial für ein Christliches Magazin

Aus der Serie: Fotostories in London, Metzingen und Welt.

Als ich neulich im Buchladen gestöbert habe, bin ich auf das Magazin AndersLEBEN gestoßen. Da gibt`s einen Artikel mit meinen Fotos vom Christlichen Hausprojekt Hoffnungshäuser der Hoffnungsträger-Initiative, die ich in Schwäbisch Gmünd gemacht habe. Der Artikel ist in der AndersLEBEN 4/23 im SCM Bundesverlag erschienen.

Das war eine wirklich besondere Fotostory. Catharina Conrad war für die geschriebene Story da und ich für die visuelle Story. Bei dem Konzept des Hausprojekts geht es darum, dass Leute ganz verschiedener Kulturen und sozialer Verhältnisse in einer Nachbarschaft wohnen.


Das heißt, dass man gezielt eine gelebte Nachbarschaft formt. Also nicht einfach nur eine Nachbarschaft, sondern eine Gemeinschaft, in der Leute sich kennen, füreinander da sind und sich gegenseitig aushelfen. Und es geht darum, dass Leute aus verschiedenen sozialen Verhältnissen und kulturellen Hintergründen in dieser Gemeinschaft zusammenleben. Ein paar der Familien waren zum Beispiel aus ihren Heimatländern geflüchtet. Es gab sozial benachteiligte Leute und dann aber auch Leute, die diese Art von Umstände und Probleme gar nicht in ihrem Leben haben. So ist eine wirklich bunt gemixte Gemeinschaft entstanden, in der jeder von den anderen lernen kann und in der echte gegenseitige Wertschätzung gelebt wird.

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Als Christliche Fotografin unterwegs sein

Redaktionelle Fotoreportagen wie diese sind so lohnenswert, weil ich mit meinen Fotografien dazu beitragen kann, wichtige Botschaften, besondere Ideen und großartige Anliegen zu verbreiten und unter die Leute zu bringen. Und da ich selbst Christin bin, ist ein Foto-Auftrag von einem christlichen Magazin das Beste.

Ich erinnere mich, dass ich als Teenager auf einem Zettel in meiner Bibel geschrieben habe: “Mit meinen Fotos möchte ich den Menschen helfen, etwas von Gott zu sehen” – so etwas in der Art. Später habe ich den Zettel zerknüllt, weil es mir peinlich war, denn das war überhaupt nicht “cool” (und als Teenager will man ja vor allem cool sein… ) Aber die Erinnerung an diesen Zettel ist jetzt so wertvoll und wichtig für mich und ich denke oft daran. Vor allem wenn ich nicht weiß, wie es für mich als Fotografin weitergehen soll. Und zum Glück habe ich inzwischen auch nicht mehr das Bedürfnis, cool sein zu müssen, so dass ich das hier teilen kann (haha).

Business Photo Story of a Tattoo Studio in Metzingen

Business Photo story of a tattoo studio in Metzingen
Business Photo story of a tattoo studio in Metzingen

Business photo story of a tattoo studio in Metzingen: Cosy living room feeling for relaxed clients.

Business Photo Story of a Tattoo Studio

From the series: Business Portraits in London, Metzingen, and the world.

What a lovely testimonial: “Hey dear Nadine, it`s Are from Pow Pow Tattoo Studio. Thank you so much for your wonderful images of our location in the Motorworld. We already noticed the first time you were here, what a keen sense you have for your clients. With joy, kindness, and the highest expertise, you capture moments and the atmosphere in a way words can`t describe. So again: Thanks a lot – we will recommend you for sure!” As you can imagine, I was most happy about getting this beautiful feedback!

Here`s a bit more about Are and the Pow Wow Tattoo Studio. As most business stories this one is very interesting and has a lot to teach! 

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Are has such an unusual story: before he became a full-time tattoo artist, he worked as a musician for 25 years! When photographing him and his co-worker Tami, Are told me: „My guitar was my daily bread and for years I traveled the world as a busker. I did tattoos as a side hustle – for example after a gig at a festival I would do tattoos for the bikers backstage.” Health issues forced him to do a swap: He turned tattoo art into his main job and now plays the guitar on the side. The Pow Wow, the studio he works for, often participates in events for example offers tattoos on a wedding as a permanent souvenir for the guests. Are will then not only do the tattoos but he may also contribute some music.

The Pow Wow has a history of 25 years – I remember as a teenager friends at school saying they got their tattoos or piercings there. Meanwhile, they only do tattoos and they moved to the Motorworld where they managed to create a very laid-back and comfortable atmosphere in their studio. They have a retro camper van in the studio as kind of a moveable tattoo booth that they sometimes take out for a business trip to a festival or an event. I mean, what a cool idea!

2024: The importance of Customer Experience

Establishing the right setting for an optimized customer experience has been super important for the team when making the move to the new location, said Are: “We came here with a new vision: to create the feeling of a living room. Our goal is to make our clients feel calm and relaxed. The idea is that our clients come here and get to settle in, they can make themselves a coffee, bring the family, and everyone can chill on the couch in front of the telly. At no point, do we want to make them feel hurried in any way. This way they forget about being nervous or anxious.”

In that regard the Pow Wow team is right on track with business demands in 2024: Forbes author Adrian Swinscoe  writes in his article “15 Customer Experience Predictions For 2024”: “Delivering a great customer experience has never been more important as a competitive differentiator because when times are tough, customers become ever more discerning about where they spend their money and who they spend it with.” The Young Entrepreneur Council writes, also on Forbes: “To build a successful service-based business today, you really have to focus on giving the best customer experience possible. Beyond your skills and results, the biggest way you can set your brand apart is to create a seamless, one-of-a-kind experience that gets your people talking, builds trust, and creates loyal customers.”

Business photo story eines Tattoo Studios in Metzingen: Wohnzimmeratmosphäre für entspannte Kunden.

Business Foto Story eines Tattoo Studios

Aus der Serie: Business Portraits in London, Metzingen und Welt.

Was für ein schönes Testimonial: „Hey liebe Nadine, hier ist Are vom Pow Wow Studio. Herzlichen Dank für deine wunderschönen Bilder von unserer Location in der Motorworld. Uns ist schon das erste Mal, als du hier warst, aufgefallen, welch tolles Gespür du für die Kundschaft hast. Mit Lebensfreude, Freundlichkeit und allerhöchster Kompetenz fängst du die Momente und Atmosphäre ein, wie man es mit Worten wahrscheinlich eher nicht beschreiben kann. Also nochmals lieben Dank Nadine – wir werden dich unbedingt weiterempfehlen.“ Du kannst dir vorstellen, wie sehr ich mich über dieses schöne Feedback gefreut habe! 

Hier ist ein bisschen was über Are und das Pow Wow. Wie die meisten Business Stories ist auch diese sehr interessant:

Play Video about Business Photostory of a tattoo studio Pow wow

Are hat eine ganz schön außergewöhnliche Geschichte: Bevor er Vollzeit als Tätowierer eingestiegen ist, hat er nämlich 25 Jahre als Musiker gearbeitet! Als ich ihn und seine Kollegin Tami fotografiert habe, hat er erzählt: „Meine Gitarre war mein tägliches Brot und ich bin jahrelang als Straßenmusiker auf der ganzen Welt herumgereist. Tattoos habe ich damals nebenbei gemacht – zum Beispiel nach einem Biker-Festival habe ich die schweren Jungs  backstage tätowiert.“ Gesundheitliche Probleme haben ihn zum Umdenken gezwungen: Er machte Tattoos zu seinem Hauptberuf und spielt nun nebenberuflich Gitarre. Das Pow Wow Studio, wo er tätowiert, beteiligt sich oft an Events – zum Beispiel bietet es bei Hochzeiten Tattoos als bleibendes Souvenir für die Gäste an. Are macht dann oft nicht nur die Tattoos, sondern auch die Musik beim Sektempfang.

Das Pow Wow gibt es schon seit 25 Jahren – ich erinnere mich, dass mir als Teenager Freunde erzählt haben, dass sie sich ihr Tattoo oder Piercing dort stechen ließen. Mittlerweile macht das Pow Wow Team nur noch Tattoos und sind in die Motorworld nach Metzingen gezogen. Dort ist es ihnen gelungen, eine sehr entspannte und angenehme Atmosphäre in ihrem Studio zu schaffen. Sie haben einen Retro-Wohnwagen im Studio stehen – eine Art fahrende Tattoo-Kabine, die sie auch manchmal auf einen „Geschäftstrip“ auf ein Festival oder anderes Event ausfahren. Also was für eine coole Idee!

2024: Auf das Erlebnis kommt`s an!

Bei ihrem Umzug in die neue Location, war es dem Team sehr wichtig, das richtige Setting für ein optimierte Kundenerlebnis zu gestalten. Are sagt: „Wir sind mit einer neuen Vision hierher gekommen: das Ambiente eines Wohnzimmers zu schaffen, damit sich unsere Kunden entspannen können. Die Idee ist: unsere Kunden machen sich erstmal ihren Kaffee, bringen die Family mit, machen sich`s auf der Couch vor dem Fernseher gemütlich. Hektik wollen wir nicht. So verfliegen Aufregung und Nervosität.“

Das Pow Wow Team geht so mit den Business Trends für 2024 mit: Forbes Autor Adrian Swinscore schreibt in seinem Artikel „15 Customer Experience Predictions for 2024“: „Ein tolles Kundenerlebnis zu ermöglichen war noch nie so wichtig, um sich im Wettbewerb abzuheben. In wirtschaftlich schwierigen Zeiten werden Kunden noch wählerischer, wo sie ihr Geld ausgeben und bei wem.“ Der Young Entrepreneur Council schreibt, auch auf Forbes: „Um als Dienstleister erfolgreich zu sein, muss man den Fokus auf das bestmögliche Kundenerlebnis richten. Abgesehen von deinem Können und den Resultaten ist der wichtigste Weg, dich im Markt abzuheben, ein reibungsloses, einmaliges Erlebnis zu gestalten, über das geredet wird, das Vertrauen schafft und Kunden bindet.“

Editorial Photos of a Professional Athlete

Editorial Photos of a Professional Athlete
Editorial Photos of a Professional Athlete

Pro Cyclist Franziska Brauße

Editorial Photos of a Professional Athlete

From the series: Business Photo Stories in London, Metzingen, and the world.

When photographing cyclist and Olympic Gold medal winner Franziska Brauße in Reutlingen, I asked her, what helped her the most as a professional athlete. She replied: „A certain degree of serenity. Not to be too do-or-die and yet keep the goal in sight. To believe in it and to continually work towards it. Not to become insecure when experiencing setbacks. And a family and friends who have got your back!“

Above is a photo of the editorial photo story that was published in the German health magazine Vida

Persistence for consistency

I guess what Franziska said about what helped her the most goes for all sorts of professional goals, be it on the bike, at the desk, or behind the shop counter. When we are too grim chasing our goal, we risk losing our motivation and enthusiasm which we need so urgently. At the same time, we mustn’t be sloppy, but we need to keep on pushing forward. It’s all about a healthy balance in order to keep on going long-term – which is not always easy to maintain.

In order to reach a certain goal, we need to keep it in sight constantly and do something for it on a regular basis. Like the athlete does all sorts of training most days of the week. Consistency is key! However, it can be hard to keep the much-needed consistency if we don`t truly believe in reaching our target. So, we mustn`t let setbacks intimidate us. One way to do so is to remind ourselves that setbacks are a natural part of the process. The most famous people report of having to deal with severe crisis in their careers – it`s just part of the game for everyone. Those who end up being successful are those who not only have some talent or skill in regards of what they do but they also are persistent and able to overcome obstacles that are naturally in their way.

God has our back

Also, we can`t do it on our own. Knowing that God has my back has been the one factor that has sustained my career as a photographer. One thing that helps me stay relaxed and focused at the same time is trusting God and knowing that his timing is best. I‘ve experienced that over and over again in my life. Whenever I get anxious if I will reach my goals, I remind myself of the fact that Gods knows what`s best for me and he will give me the opportunities that I need – and it’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.

How do you keep your balance? What keeps you going during times when things don`t go as planned or when you have failed? We can learn a lot from athletes and their mindset because they naturally fail a lot and hence need to have strategies in place to deal with these situations. And possibly not just deal with them but use them to their benefit. The former American basketball player Michael Jordan said: “If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” And here is a quote of the famous tennis player Serena Williams: “I don’t like to lose-at anything… Yet I’ve grown most not from victories, but setbacks. If winning is God’s reward, then losing is how he teaches us.”

Magazinfotos von einer Profi-Athletin

Als ich die professionelle Radsportlerin und Olympia-Gold Gewinnerin Franziska Brauße in Reutlingen fotografiert habe, habe ich sie gefragt, was ihr als Profi-Sportlerin am meisten geholfen hat. Ihre Antwort war: „Eine gewisse Gelassenheit. Nicht zu verbissen sein und trotzdem das Ziel vor Augen haben, dran glauben und immer weiter daran arbeiten. Sich von Rückschlägen nicht verunsichern lassen. Und Familie und Freunde, die hinter mir stehen.“

Das Foto oben ist aus der Fotostory, das im Gesundheitsmagazin Vida erschienen ist.

Durchhalten für Kontinuität

Ich denke, was Franziska darüber gesagt hat, was ihr bei ihrem Erfolg am meisten geholfen hat, das gilt im Prinzip für jedes berufliche Ziel – ob auf dem Fahrrad, am Schreibtisch, oder an der Ladentheke. Wenn wir zu verbissen sind, dann verlieren wir schnell die Motivation und Begeisterung, die wir so dringend für große Ziele brauchen. Und gleichzeitig dürfen wir auch nicht nachlässig sein und müssen ständig an unserem Vorhaben dranbleiben. Auf die gesunde Balance kommt‘s an, um durchzuhalten- und die zu finden ist manchmal nicht so einfach.

Um ein bestimmtes Ziel zu erreichen, müssen wir es immer im Auge behalten und regelmäßig etwas dafür tun. Wie der Sportler an den meisten Tagen der Woche alle möglichen Trainings auf dem Programm hat. Kontinuität und Regelmäßigkeit ist wichtig! Allerdings kann es sehr schwer sein, diese so wichtige Regelmäßigkeit aufrecht zu erhalten, wenn wir nicht wirklich daran glauben, dass wir unser Ziel erreichen werden. Von Rückschlägen dürfen wir uns daher nicht einschüchtern lassen. Eine Möglichkeit, damit das nicht passiert, ist uns vor Augen zu rufen, dass Rückschläge etwas ganz Normales auf dem Weg zum Erfolg sind. Die erfolgreichsten Leute erzählen und betonen sogar, dass sie mit den schwierigsten Karrierekrisen zu kämpfen hatten – Gegenwind gehört einfach für jeden dazu. Diejenigen, die am Ende Erfolg haben, sind die, die nicht nur Können und Talent mitbringen, sondern sich auch nicht unterkriegen lassen und es schaffen, die Hindernisse, die ihnen im Weg sind, zu überwinden.

God has our back

Und: Wir können nicht alles alleine schaffen! Was mir dabei hilft, gelassen und gleichzeitig zielstrebig zu sein, ist, dass ich Gott vertraue und weiß, dass sein Timing unschlagbar ist. Das zu wissen, hat meine Karriere bis jetzt durchgetragen. Ich habe das immer und immer wieder in meinem Leben erlebt. Wenn ich damit anfange, mir Sorgen zu machen, ob ich mein Ziel wohl erreichen werde, dann erinnere ich mich daran, dass Gott das Beste für mich plant und mir die Möglichkeiten auftun wird, die ich brauche – und dann ich bin wieder total erleichtert.

Wie hälst du dein Gleichgewicht? Was motiviert dich, wenn die Dinge nicht so laufen, wie sie sollen, oder wenn du einen Rückschlag hattest? Wir können viel von Athleten und ihrem Mindset lernen. Denn sie haben typischerweise viele Misserfolge und müssen daher Strategien parat haben, um mit diesen Situationen gut umzugehen. Und möglicherweise nicht nur mit ihnen umzugehen, sondern sie sogar für sich zu nutzen. Der ehemalige Amerikanische Basketballspieler Michael Jordan sagte: „Wenn du gegen eine Wand rennst, dreh nicht um und gib auf. Überleg dir, wie du drüberklettern kannst. Ich bin in meinem Leben immer und immer wieder gescheitert und deshalb habe ich Erfolg.“ Und hier ist ein Zitat der berühmten Tennisspielerin Serena Williams: „Ich mag es nicht zu verlieren, egal worum es geht… Trotzdem haben mich nicht Siege am meisten weitergebracht, sondern Rückschläge. Wenn Gewinnen Gottes Belohnung ist, dann ist Verlieren das Werkzeug mit dem er uns Dinge beibringt.“

Business Event Photography in London

Proptech Connect Real Estate Convention in London Greenwich
Proptech Connect Real Estate Convention in London Greenwich

Photo Story of PropTech Connect, a Business event for Real Estate Professionals in Greenwich / London

Business Event Photography in London Greenwich

From the series: Business Photo Stories in London, Metzingen, and the world.

Here is a nice example of Business Event Photography in London. PropTech Connect is an international Real Estate  Conference that I photographed in London/ Greenwich the other day.  Below are some photos of the event that hosted representatives of almost 2000 companies. 

Business Events are a great opportunity to network and to have some interesting and inspiring conversations. But they are also a brilliant opportunity for storytelling business photos for social media and newsletters. When photographing corporate events like this one in Greenwich I aim to get a good mixture of staged images and candid photographs, as well as some detail shots. All are very important for a complete and captivating photo story.

Business Event Photography

Posed images with people looking straight into the camera speak directly to the viewer. They are needed for an immediate connection on a personal level.

Candid photography displays emotion, character, authenticity, and atmosphere. They are equally important as staged photos. Because they tell the story from the viewpoint of an observer.

Detail shots and images that allow the viewer to get an overview of the setting make the story complete. They are like the cream on a cake or the flowers on a table. Generally, storytelling business event photography needs a well-balanced “rhythm” of all these types of photographs.

Business Storytelling

Business event photography is extremely valuable. For once, it costs to plan and set up a business event. Therefore, it would be a huge shame to not have the event documented professionally.

Most of all, a corporate event presents great photo opportunities for some great images that show emotion, genuine moments, and connection – all so important for business storytelling. These can be spread on all social media channels, and they will prolong the event for every viewer.

Professional photographs of the event also signal that the organizer is operating on a high standard. Like you wouldn`t want to offer cheap instant coffee at your corporate event, you would not want to be remembered by phone snapshots only.

I would be excited to cover your next corporate event as a storytelling photographer or videographer! Don`t hesitate to contact me for a quote. 

Portrait Location East London

V&A Museum of Childhood Portrait Location East London
Business Photo Location: V&A Museum of Childhood

Portrait Location East London: V&A Museum of Childhood

V&A Museum of Childhood

Business Photo Storytelling in London, Metzingen, and the world.

As a business portrait location in East London, the V&A Museum of Childhood is a lovely option for portraits and basic storytelling. It offers beautiful light and a huge variety of backgrounds and colours. It can be used for clean minimalist photos as well as more playful ones – depending on the style and branding of the business. 

Located in the Bethnal Green area on Cambridge Heath Road it`s just a few steps away from Bethnal Green Station and Cambridge Heath Station. 

A beautiful Portrait Location in East London

Click through the slideshow on the left to see for yourself just how beautiful the light spots are and how impressive the museum itself. 

Business Photo Story of a Webdesigner in London

Business Photo Story of a Webdesigner in London
Business Photo Story of a Webdesigner in London Freya Padmore

Business photo story of a webdesigner in London: Freya Padmore is an expert in SEO and knows the importance of great photos for a business website.

Business Photo Story of a Webdesigner in London

From the series: Business Portraits in London, Metzingen, and the world.

Here are some photos of a recent photo session with London based web designer Freya Padmore in the stunning Mare Street Market in East London.

Having studied and worked in marketing, Freya became an expert in search engine optimization (SEO). As a full-time web designer in London, she not only creates pretty homepages for her clients worldwide. But she also helps them generate more leads and make more money through their websites by utilizing SEO. During our photo session, she shared some expert advice on the essentials of a good website.

business photo story of Webdesigner Freya Padmore

An eye-catching photo at the top of a homepage

As a web designer, she knows just how important storytelling and atmospheric photos are for the website of a business. In our conversation, she told me about the importance of an eye-catching image right at the top of a homepage: “Before you even scroll down a page the first thing you see, the first thing that loads up on a website, that is like prime real estate on a website. They say you`ve got only three seconds to capture someone’s attention – and you really do need to do that and give your visitors a reason to scroll down. It could be a bold picture with a statement that addresses your target audience and gives them a reason to keep reading.”

And she confirms another important fact: As a business owner you should show your face – at least on the About page of your website. Even better would be to share photos of you on a regular basis on social media. People buy from people after all. 

Have your face on your website

“My top tip for your About page: definitely include a picture of you! You should absolutely have your face on it. I know some people don`t like having pictures of themselves anywhere but knowing who is behind the contact form when somebody gets in touch with your business, knowing the face of a business, is really important for people.” – Freya Padmore

Feedback of Webdesigner Freya Padmore

Freya’s feedback after the photo session was so lovely that I want to share it with you:

Play the video on the left to see a slideshow of the photostory and to listen to Freyas’ feedback. 

What to wear to a photo session?

What to wear to a photo session woman dressing
What to wear to a photo session woman dressing

How to dress for a photo session in order to look to your advantage at a business photo session

What to wear to a photo session?

by Business Photographer - Business Portraits in London, Metzingen, and the world.

“What to wear?” is one of the most frequent questions my clients ask me when we plan our photo session. To start with, I always advise to bring along two or three outfits. This way we get a bigger variety in the imagery but also, we have some options to choose from. Here are some ideas about what to wear to a photo session in order to look to your best advantage.

First choice: comfortable

It`s so hard to relax and feel good in a pullover that makes you itch, in shoes that are hurting your toes, or in trousers that cut into your stomach. Choose clothes that feel comfy and that allow you to move freely. Also, it`s not easy to really be yourself and shine if you wear clothes that make you feel self-conscious and insecure. Feeling is most important when it comes to dressing for a photo session! When choosing your outfits, doublecheck whether these clothes are making you feel truly confident and comfortable.

Choose harmony

When you are a bunch of people wanting to be photographed together, it would be great if you coordinated with each other what you are going to wear. Ideally the colours of the clothes of the entire group would be in harmony and either all would wear rather light colours, or all rather dark.

Say no to clothing brand logos (unless you are a clothing brand)

If you want to get timeless images, you best avoid visible, big logos on your clothes. You want to have the focus on YOUR brand, YOUR business, not on the brand of your clothes. Unless you are selling clothes: Then you should of course wear the brands you are selling and if possible, have the logo flashing. However, if you are not a fashion brand or shop, avoid logos on clothes. Not only can they be a distraction in the image, but also you might not like these brands any more soon. Brands often include a statement that you may not want to make any more a few months down the road.

business-photographer what to wear

Say yes to sleeves

Wear tops, shirts and blouses with sleeves, nothing sleeveless. Unless you want to advertise for anything fitness related, I suggest you wear sleeves that cover shoulders and the top of the upper arms. On girls, wide flared butterfly sleeves that end somewhere between mid-upper arm and elbow are the most flattering. For a casual style, men can tuck the sleeves up towards the elbows a little.

Blazers are your friends

A Blazer tends to be the most flattering item to wear. They are fitted and generally make a good figure. Just make sure that your blazer is the right fit and not too tight around upper arms and across your back: if you see that the fabric throws creases that means it`s too tight. Unbuttoned tailored jackets and well-fitting coats are great for every shape, too.

Know the effect of oversized

Oversized pullovers, sweaters, and jackets are very fashionable. However, it`s good to know that they can make curvy people look bigger in photos than they really are. In case this is a concern for you, choose tops that are neither tight nor baggy, but just slightly loose. Also, the sleeve seam should preferably sit on your shoulder, not somewhere half down your arm. The most flattering are tailored tops like blouses, blazers, shirts or jackets – all in the right fit.

Business Photo Story for a Homeware Designer in London


Business Photo Storytelling for a Homeware Designer in London

Dar Leone London Photo Story

Business Video Storytelling in London, Metzingen, and the world.

Isatu Funna is the owner of the beautiful homeware shop Dar Leone in the London borough of Islington.  What`s striking when entering the shop are the beautiful colours and the carefully curated items. Isatu designs her own homeware inspired by her heritage and childhood memories of Dar Leone. “Very often I use physical examples of old vintage textiles from Sierra Leone, from Ghana, or from Nigeria or I see an art show and that will trigger something”, Isatu explains. “I also have distinct memories of my grandmother and the way she dressed and the colours that she used to dye her clothes with natural dyes.”

Dar Leone London Photo Story

I love to hear about the story behind a business. Knowing about the intentions, dreams, and inspiration of a business owner helps me to look for ways to bring out the feeling and atmosphere of the business in the images.


Business Photo Storytelling for a Hair Salon in London

photo Haug London Haus
Business Photo Storytelling for a Hair Salon in London with Shioban and Phillip Haug

Business Photo Storytelling for a Hair Salon in London

Haug London Haus Photo Story

Business Video Storytelling in London, Metzingen, and the world.

For this photo session in the Haug London Haus hair salon in central London, I created some light that looks like the sun shining in the salon. It was cloudy that day but a sunny look gives a photo a bit of an extra happiness factor. Their beautiful salon in London is located between Tottenham Court Rd Station and Goodge Street Station in Fitzrovia. Because the colours of the salon were so beautifully well matched and the salon owners were so easy-going it was a joy to photograph them in their business. 

London Hair Salon Photo Story

Click on the play button on this slideshow on the left to see some images from the afternoon in the Haug London Haus. 

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