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Hi, I`m Nadine and I`m a business photographer in London, Metzingen, and the world. Some use the term commercial photographer. I live both in London and Metzingen. In photography, I specialize in photo stories for companies, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs.

Turn Clients into Fans

Photostories are like cinematic documentaries in pictures. They draw the viewer in and – here`s the important bit – they evoke emotions. Emotions can turn someone who has been just sort of liking your business into a raving fan. A fan who gushes about your business. Who would always buy from you (even though there might be cheaper options). And who takes pride in being your client.

Emotional connection

Emotion is key to business. To some, this may be surprising because the term business is often associated with terms like hard as steel, tough, not personal, or even cold. But if you think of your own experience as a consumer: Wouldn`t you for example rather hire a caterer whose cinematic images you`ve seen on Social Media? Images of cake parties with smiles all around, him preparing lovely edible artworks in his kitchen, details of that yummy cake cream, and marzipan flowers on top? These images may have made you dream up a party that you could throw for your friends under the lush trees in your garden this summer.  

Trigger Dreams and Imagination

You start imagining all the excitement, the anticipation of laughter, joy over the yummy cake, togetherness, moments of friendship, and unforgettable memories. These are emotions that photographs can create. And they make you feel connected to that caterer who cared enough to make you dream. And you might as well hire him. Even though there might be cheaper options – they are not the ones you feel emotionally connected to.

If you can create an emotional connection with your clients, you have clients for life. And images are the most effective way to transport emotions in an instant.

Business Photographer in London

Talking about cake: The best one I`ve ever tasted was the one my client Alex @kffeehaus baked. (She is part of the selection of my work you can see in the video of this post). It was just an explosion of yummy flavours and not too sweet.

When I`m not eating my client’s cakes, or on a photo session, or editing at my desk with a view, you can possibly find me cycling around in East London. Often passing Victoria Park, Broadway Market, Shoreditch aiming at a Chai Latte in some pretty coffee place. You can recognize me by my camera hanging over my shoulder. (Like a permanent tourist – which we all really are on this amazing and wondrous journey called life that God has sent us on).

I`m looking forward to meeting you!

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