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What to wear to a photo session?


What to wear to a photo session woman dressing

How to dress for a photo session in order to look to your advantage at a business photo session

What to wear to a photo session?

by Business Photographer - Business Portraits in London, Metzingen, and the world.

“What to wear?” is one of the most frequent questions my clients ask me when we plan our photo session. To start with, I always advise to bring along two or three outfits. This way we get a bigger variety in the imagery but also, we have some options to choose from. Here are some ideas about what to wear to a photo session in order to look to your best advantage.

First choice: comfortable

It`s so hard to relax and feel good in a pullover that makes you itch, in shoes that are hurting your toes, or in trousers that cut into your stomach. Choose clothes that feel comfy and that allow you to move freely. Also, it`s not easy to really be yourself and shine if you wear clothes that make you feel self-conscious and insecure. Feeling is most important when it comes to dressing for a photo session! When choosing your outfits, doublecheck whether these clothes are making you feel truly confident and comfortable.

Choose harmony

When you are a bunch of people wanting to be photographed together, it would be great if you coordinated with each other what you are going to wear. Ideally the colours of the clothes of the entire group would be in harmony and either all would wear rather light colours, or all rather dark.

Say no to clothing brand logos (unless you are a clothing brand)

If you want to get timeless images, you best avoid visible, big logos on your clothes. You want to have the focus on YOUR brand, YOUR business, not on the brand of your clothes. Unless you are selling clothes: Then you should of course wear the brands you are selling and if possible, have the logo flashing. However, if you are not a fashion brand or shop, avoid logos on clothes. Not only can they be a distraction in the image, but also you might not like these brands any more soon. Brands often include a statement that you may not want to make any more a few months down the road.

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Say yes to sleeves

Wear tops, shirts and blouses with sleeves, nothing sleeveless. Unless you want to advertise for anything fitness related, I suggest you wear sleeves that cover shoulders and the top of the upper arms. On girls, wide flared butterfly sleeves that end somewhere between mid-upper arm and elbow are the most flattering. For a casual style, men can tuck the sleeves up towards the elbows a little.

Blazers are your friends

A Blazer tends to be the most flattering item to wear. They are fitted and generally make a good figure. Just make sure that your blazer is the right fit and not too tight around upper arms and across your back: if you see that the fabric throws creases that means it`s too tight. Unbuttoned tailored jackets and well-fitting coats are great for every shape, too.

Know the effect of oversized

Oversized pullovers, sweaters, and jackets are very fashionable. However, it`s good to know that they can make curvy people look bigger in photos than they really are. In case this is a concern for you, choose tops that are neither tight nor baggy, but just slightly loose. Also, the sleeve seam should preferably sit on your shoulder, not somewhere half down your arm. The most flattering are tailored tops like blouses, blazers, shirts or jackets – all in the right fit.

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