hands putting on socks for a promotional video for a fashion designer

How a promotional video for the first item of a fashion designer sets a storyline for future fashion items, and creates a brand-feeling and awareness.

Promotional Video for a Fashion Designer

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A promotional video for a fashion designer is a dream task and quite a responsibility! This video is so important because it sets the mood and creates the brand feeling. Of course, this can be refined later in more videos and imagery. But the first impression is just most important. 

The promotional video of her very first fashion item set the storyline and mood for the fashion brand of Marina Rajkovic, founder of the fair fashion concept store Fashion MIE in Reutlingen. The socks we filmed mark the start of her sustainably produced fashion line. Below I share with you a few outtakes from the video session. 

Brand Voice

The socks will not remain the only item in Marinas` collection – she already has plans for a jersey dress and probably more. However, launching the first product with a promotional video set the tone and voice of Marinas` brand. The video also sets the expectations for what is to follow. And it creates an emotional connection with the viewer which is THE most important factor when you want to sell lifestyle goods. 

Play Video about Fashion Promotion

Crowdfunding with a promotional video

In order to secure some funds for the production, Marina decided to put the video on a crowdfunding page. Emotion is key: Noone is going to put money towards a project if she or he doesn`t feel any connection with its cause. Therefore a promotional video full of emotion and story is the ideal tool for raising funds. And now that the socks are going into production, Marina can use outtakes of the video to further promote them on social media and her website. This way, she can acquire fans for her brand who will support its growth in the years to come. 

Share your Message

Video sequences are easy and fun to share AND they are ideal if there is a message behind your brand or your project that you want to introduce to your audience. People tend to prefer listening over reading. Watching a video and listening to the speaker takes less energy and effort than reading a brand message. And that`s why it`s so convenient for marketing your brand and the message behind the brand. 

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