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30-90 second film clips can elevate your marketing to a whole new level.

How can film clips benefit my marketing?

Business Video Storytelling in London, Metzingen, and the world.

Film clips are short videos of approximately 30 to 90 seconds. ‘How can film clips benefit my marketing?’ you wonder. Well, you can use them for your marketing in all kinds of situations. They are more versatile than a so-called “image film” because you can spread them all over your homepage and your social media platforms. They will effectively transport the tone and mood of your business. 

Film clips help you build and show your brand personality, the character of your business, and its unique voice. This way you can differentiate your business from others. Most importantly, you will be able to reach and connect with those clients who “click” with you. Those who fall in love with your brand personality – your fans. By putting out film clips on a regular basis you will keep these fans of yours engaged and inspired. These fans are the all-important 20 % of your clients.  Remember: 80 % of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20 % of your existing customers.

The film clip below is from a video project for the fair fashion store Fashion MIE . They just launched their very own sustainable fashion brand. Video is a perfect tool when launching a brand because it communicates the mood and the voice of a business. This way it attracts the “right” clients from the start.

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Film clips for your marketing message

Professional videos will set you apart in your industry because they demonstrate professionalism and excellence. This will set expectations and it will help you build credibility with your audience.

Videos attract peoples’ attention and they visualize your brand message and demonstrate your products and services.  The viewer can see you, your team, and your products in action and this evokes a way more personal connection than a text. Film snippets will bring along the feeling of familiarity, of “knowing” you and your brand. This will result in the viewer feeling emotionally connected to your business. Emotional connection is key for marketing.

And because they are so short, film clips will grab and hold the viewers’ attention just long enough to leave them wanting to see more.  

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